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Our Vision for an Ecological Utopian Evolution.

Our Goals for human minds, bodies, behaviour to work in harmony with our environment to create an ecological, technologically and mentally advanced society. We will do this through knowledge, renewable/ sustainable energy sources, eco-friendly innovations/ designs and ecologically healthy environments created with the least or no damage to our natural surroundings.

We support, help fund, create, solutions, designs, inventions which help to move us towards our vision and goals.

Help us to create a future you would want to live in

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Since Covid are people being forced to rely heavily on technology? What will happen to the human race without enough physical contact and love?

This site was created 3 years before COVID19 hit 

Help us to continue our ecological work to clean our planet and ourselves.

The future is uncertain COVID 19 WAS PREDICTED years ago in the short video below, watch and listen all the way through.   "NATURE IS HAVING A BIT OF A FLU TO RID ITSELF OF TOXINS” ....US!

Love Life cover.jpg

Before covid struck and we were "forced" to rely heavily on technology for our sustenance Love Life was created.

This book is a short poetic, philosophical story for all ages about the connectivity of life and nature.

Buy ebook now for £1.99 

Love Life cover audiobook.jpeg
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